Couscous is a very famous and traditional dish in North Africa, and especially in Tunisia, that is usually prepared with meat or vegetables. According to history, Romans invented couscous at the end of their civilization, however this dish became famous only during the Muslim period, and Muslis were the first ones to talk about this particular dish.

In order to understand the importance of couscous in Tunisia, it is as important as is rice for Chinese or pasta for Italians. Couscous is part of daily and religious life in Tunisia, and is prepared in almost all the important events like weddings, death… Tunisians prepare couscous to express their joy or even their pain.

Couscous is an iconic dish, not only in Tunisia but in many countries like Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and even Spain. Couscous is made with semolina, water and eventually salt and flour. The preparation of couscous needs time and patience.

Even if the classical recipe of couscous includes tomato sauce, vegetables and sometimes meat, every region has its own recipe. In Tunisia, there are more than 20 varieties of couscous with various seals, from the classical ones to the most surprising ones. For example, there is a white version of couscous with meat called the “Mesfouf of Djerba” and comes from Djerba, and also couscous with chameleon meat that comes from the south of the country.

During Ramadan, Tunisians are used to prepare a sweet version of couscous that is eaten at dawn before starting the fast. This sweet version is generally made with sugar, dates or grenades. This dish is famous during this holy month because it avoids hunger during the day. Until today, couscous is made by hand by Tunisian women and is stored to be cooked during the whole year. We call this the “Oula”.


Varieties that we provide:

Classical Couscous

Whole durum wheat Couscous

Isreali couscous


Available Packaging:

  • Carton box 500g
  • Plastic bag 500g
  • Plastic bag 1Kg
  • Plastic bag 5Kg
  • Plastic bag 25Kg

* Other packages are available on demand.

Did You Know?

  • In Tunisia, there is more than 20 varieties of couscous
  • Couscous is an iconic dish, not only in the Mediterranean culture, but also in the Jewish and African ones.
  • There is a sweet version of the couscous called ‘Mesfouf’


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