Tuna belly, a wealth of nutrients

Even if many people think otherwise, tuna is the leanest of fatty fish. Fresh or canned, this fish is the perfect ally for our health. In fact, tuna represents an excellent source of proteins and contains over 9 amino acids that are essential to our organism. Moreover, this fish is very rich in Omega 3.

As part of a varied and balanced diet, regular consumption of tuna substantially reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. Omega 3 contained by this fish has anti-inflammatory effects, that can be used in curing pathologies like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even psoriasis.

Tuna belly is very prized, as it is the finest part of the tuna fish and is at the same time tender and flavorful.

In order to have the finest tuna, BNC Commerce collaborates with a manufacture situated in el Haouaria that works on having the best quality of tuna belly.

BNC Commerce tuna belly is carefully hand-cut from the tuna fish that comes from the Mediterranean Sea, then preserved in an extra fine olive oil that keeps the tuna belly juicy.

Tuna belly is perfect for salads, but also toasts and appetizers.



Varieties that we provide:

Tuna Belly

Tuna Filet

with olive oil, olive oil and lemon, thyme, olive oil and olive pieces, olive oil and Herbs de Provence

Solid Tuna

with olive oil, vegetable oil, harissa


Available Packaging:

  • Metallic can 160gr
  • Metallic can 700g
  • Metallic can 1kg
  • Metallic can 2.050Kg
  • Glass jar 200gr

* Other packages are available on demand.

Did You Know?

  • Tuna is very low in cholesterol and other bad fats
  • Tuna is an excellent choice for people who are working on having muscles
  • It helps preventing premature aging


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