Sardines are greatly appreciated worldwide, due to their high omega 3 and vitamin content. They are more sustainably fished than other common fish so this is why we are trying to provide a wider variety of flavors to the public. They are very nutritious and can be eaten entirely, including the small bones, as they are loaded with calcium.

Tunisian sardines are considered as one of the best quality sardines in the world.

BNC Commerce’s sardines are caught directly from the Tunisian coast off the Mediterranean Sea, and are rigorously preserved. Our team works closely with leading canneries to ensure that only the finest quality sardines are available to consumers.


Varieties that we provide:

Mediterranean Sardines in olive oil

Mediterranean Sardines in Harissa

Mediterranean Sardines with Lemon

Mediterranean, boneless and skinless Sardines in brine water

Mediterranean Sardines with Rosemary


Available Packaging:

  • Metallic can 125g
  • Easy open metallic can 125g
  • Easy open metallic can 325g
  • Boneless skinless sardines in water aluminum can 100g

* Other packages are available on demand.

Did You Know?

  • Sardines can have up to 3.5 g of omega 3 per 100g
  • The sardines are among the few foods that contain vitamin D
  • Small sardines has tastier flesh


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