Mackerel is an oily fish, very popular for the nutritional qualities. Apart from the fact that this fish is affordable, which is not the case for all kind of fish; the mackerel has got many benefits. One of these benefits is its high content of Omega 3, and it is also excellent for the brain and the heart.

BNC Commerce has got the finest mackerel fillet that can be found in Tunisia. This fillet is carefully and manually extracted from the fish, then olive oil is added before packing.

Mackerel fillet can be used with salads, pasta, rice… as it is at the same time light and healthy.

Varieties that we provide:

Mackerel with olive oil

Mackerel with Lemon

Mackerel with Sunflower Oil


Available Packaging:

  • Easy open metallic can 170g

* Other packages are available on demand.

Did You Know?

  • Mackerel is very rich in proteins and lipids
  • Its meat offers high concentration of minerals and micronutrients
  • Mackerel has excellent levels of vitamin B, D, selenium and also iron. 
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